CANYON COUNTRY LURED MOABEYEWORKS OWNER TO MOAB ... "Optician Tom Lord started his Moabeyeworks business on a shoestring. His efforts went a long way in helping create an optical shop that reflects his creativity and a space where he can use those same creative skills to design and build eyewear for his clientele. Toms father was a successful eye doctor, his uncle an optician. The two Lord brothers worked together for 47 years and many of those years Tom worked by their side running a battery of visual tests, helping in frame selection, repairing, fitting contact lenses and building prescription lenses. 

The steps towards opening a professional office in Moab Utah, however, were gradual, baby steps, finally culminating in the opening of Moabeyeworks in 1997. Like many talented people in the area, Tom has had to be creative in making a living while his business was getting off the ground, and he continues to do so even to this day. Over the years Toms Moabeyeworks has gained a reputation locally as well as internationally as eastern Utahs premier optical shop."  The Times Indepenent, Thursday, November 6, 1997